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Timer Customization

August 18, 2020 at 12:12 pm


Applications developed like complex timers and integrations of traditional iterating timers facilitate unique real world scenarios. Gnonstop introduces unique web-based timing systems including clock customization and features for known or undetermined numbers of intervals. Innovative record keeping systems develop special capabilities designed for registered accounts. As a web-based application, Gnonstop offers interval timing solutions for browsers across different platforms including mobile, tablet, and computer. The web based nature of Gnonstop corresponds to accounts which may be created for individuals, peers, or groups. Gnonstop allows accounts to utilize different organizational methods for record creation and maintenance. Gnonstop represents a first of a kind solution for timing and record organization on the world wide web.


Gnonstop allows for full customization of two different timer types including timer down and clock up. Timer down customization features different numbers of intervals for active duration and rest duration. Once started, one active interval begins followed by one rest interval until all intervals have completed. Clock up customization features an undefined number of intervals for active duration and rest duration. An example use scenario for clock up is fitness routines. Account operator(s) may choose to exercise until completing a certain amount of repetitions or until feeling tired. Various day to day lifestyle factors may affect endurance corresponding to an undefined number of intervals.

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